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Herne Bay YOUTH! Theatre 

Saturday Musical Theatre Workshops 

Morning and afternoon clubs run regularly through the school term.

The clubs are run by Director and Producer Andrew Cozens. He is joined by Choreographer Hannah Anderton, Musical Director Vikki Hall and Drama and Character Coach Alice Underdown. 

Tracie Waller will be on hand as ever to look after any required licensing and safeguarding and the committee of our adult company HBMTS will be looking after the safety aspects of rehearsing again at Arkley Hall.

The Saturday clubs focus is to help all who join us to learn about stage presentation, stage craft and the opportunity to better their all round performance skills.

We will use many different drama, dance and musical styles each week with members working on dialogue, accents, characterisation, singing styles and genres and learning dance and group movement, all working towards an end of term performance at our own Arkley Hall base.

With so many of HBYT future shows to be a mixture of well known musicals, reviews and original productions this will give everyone a chance to improve and we hope, to take their opportunity to shine!

The Saturday clubs will be run as “The Breakfast Club” with registration from 10am and club running from 10.30am to 1pm or “The Afternoon Session”with registration from 1pm and club running from 1.30pm to 4pm.

The clubs will be open to anyone aged 6 up to 15. The groups will be able to work together and also divide into age groups where required.

The idea of starting membership for the Saturday clubs younger that we do for HBYT productions, is for the younger drama club members to have a way of starting to develop their stagecraft amongst other current members before they jump into HBYT auditions, rehearsals and performances from age 7 (years of age at performance week)

By writing an original script, we will allow every member to have an equal part each term and for every show. Every club member gets an equal shot at playing a prominent part which they may not get in all of our full cast musical productions dependent on available characters and parts.

All of those participating will be able to work on audition technique, to challenge themselves and to build confidence in a supportive atmosphere. Dancers should act and sing, singers should dance and act and actors , sing and dance. Members must thrive and encourage others in what they love and try to learn from others and build in areas they are less confident in.

Club members will benefit in all areas of life from the skills they learn, from confident speaking in public, to self belief, from taking risks and thriving where before they may have been too nervous to try.

The aim of all ‘would be’ performers should be to be the best they can be. 

Our aim should be to help them all do this is a safe, happy environment and to ensure we celebrate each and every member as they challenge themselves, challenge the team and each other.

Each club session will be £10 only.

At the end of each term we will present a FREE TO ALL presentation to show off our results for all family and friends. We will also be able to video for parents and members to keep as we will be writing the production each term.

You do not need to be a member to sign up, we have just one requirement...

ENTHUSIASM...(oh, and a tenner a week!) we will require a level of commitment to the club to help us work with the group on a regular basis.

Simply email Andrew at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book or reserve a space for the following term.


Andrew, Hannah, Vikki, Tracie, Alice, Alison and the HBYT Team