Herne Bay Youth Theatre's Stage-It-Live Seven day “Show In A Week” present...


Bugsy Malone Musical Theatre Summer School Herne Bay - Stage It Live


AUGUST 11th - 17th 2019



Well, we believe, you will get the best musical theatre experience possible!

The team running the event are theatrical professionals all working to a strict code of conduct. The cast are fully chaperoned throughout the week.


Stage It Live - Musical Theatre Summer School, Herne Bay, Kent

DAY 1...Sunday

Our cast arrive for auditions with the knowledge they will get in!
They meet the chaperones who will be working with them throughout the week.
We will also hand out their official cast t-shirts.
We measure for costumes and hand out scripts and music sheets
We are now fully cast and off for our head shots and character photo shoot with our photographic studio team at Light and Imagination Studios, Whitstable.
We have the rest of the afternoon for the cast to get to know each other through some fun drama games and workshops.

DAY 2...Monday

Act 1 rehearsals commence on the stage and in rehearsal rooms of The Kings Hall Theatre. We are given a full security and fire drill presentation by our team and theatre management.
Secondary costume fittings and make up and hair designs for each character are finalised.

DAY 3... Tuesday

Act 2 rehearsals commence on the stage at The Kings Hall.
We move into our dressing rooms and complete out costume, make up and hair preparation lists as well as well as starting to work with our props.

DAY 4... Wednesday

Technical staging ACT 1 - the cast receive radio Mics and commence working thought the production with our full lighting, sound and projections, our team and our crew.

DAY 5... Thursday

Band call and sing through with our professional musicians.
Afternoon full tech rehearsal

DAY 6... Friday

Morning last minute preparation
Dress rehearsal
Afternoon - We are open to the public
Evening - Red carpet opening performance SHOW 1

DAY 7... Saturday

Open to the public matinee performance SHOW 2
Gala Saturday Night SHOW 3


Programmes on sale will have production photography taken during our show week and dress rehearsal. All pictures will be available to download via our own private portal after the event. A DVD of the production will also be available


As with all these events - Live theatre is expensive! There we said it!

We have also started a “LIVE MUSICIANS FOR ALL MUSICALS!” campaign. This again adds to the cost, BUT - the feeling an audience and the cast get from live musicians is second to none and I believe worth every penny.

I also believe that we offer excellent value for money.

The signing up fee will be £100 per place. We accept payment spread over the four months up until show week.

Then, as this is a live performance based group and they need an audience, we ask that the family of each member purchase a minimum of ten tickets for any of the three performances. These tickets are all priced at £10

You can pay for these when accepting your place (which will guarantee the best ticket choice) and then sell the tickets on to family and friends or collect the money for the tickets and we will forward to you at a later date.

Feel free to buy more at any time - this is simply a minimum level of support we feel is required.

Parents who would like places for siblings need to pay the £100 for each place required in your chosen week but are only required to purchase one set of ten tickets.

We believe this offers great value and we hope that the group will receive the audience and public support it needs to grow and continue to offer these great theatrical experiences.

We hope you will want to join us for this adventure.