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Mental Health Improvements

There are two distinct curses on our society at the moment: COVID and electronic gizmos (including social media). I know I use social media too, but I’m not glued to it!

Fortunately we appear to be through the worst of COVID induced lock downs, which now allows a large portion of society to return to a better normal than we have experienced over the last two years. It’s still not where we were prior to the pandemic, but vastly better than what we saw during full lock down. Thank goodness.

Some interesting feedback has been brought to my attention by parents and guardians of HYBT kids: during lock down the lack of social interaction, and I don’t mean social media here, started to cause problematic anxiety issues and effective shut down of interpersonal skills. Some of this became so ingrained that when society was allowed to meet up again anxious behaviour shot through the roof.

It seems naturally interacting with people can be lost if not practiced regularly. You see this all the time with the electronic curse.

What these same parents and guardians noticed was that, once we were allowed to resume rehearsals and workshops, the highly affected children were, firstly very hesitant about re-joining society, and secondly, experienced huge personality shifts for the better, once they leapt back in.

HBYT is such a positive environment for youngsters to grow, evolve and become more accomplished individuals within part of an amazing team, all in alignment with fantastic goals.

Memories are being made on every journey to and through a show.