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Sunday Theatre Clubs will run term time at the following times:

The Breakfast Club  10am until 1.30pm.

The Afternoon Session  2pm to 5.30pm.

All Musical Theatre Sessions are run from Arkley Studios in Arkley Road, Herne Bay. 

High levels of interest in these clubs from enthusiastic youngsters has meant we are now offering six new places at both our Sunday Sessions starting with our Summer Term, commencing April 23rd, and running through until July 23rd.

What do we offer?

We offer the chance to progress beyond normal classes in Dancing, Singing and Drama, to deliver a show expressing theatrical skills learnt during the sessions.

HBYT Musical Theatre Sessions are set up to run as working theatre groups, to rehearse purpose written mini musicals throughout our 14 week term. 

The skills learnt will culminate with a full production weekend and transformation of Arkley Studios into The Arkley Theatre, with a raised stage, full lighting, sound and scenery, radio mics, amazing costumes. Cast members’ families can watch this at The Arkley Theatre for FREE!

HBYT want to find a way during 2023 to make Musical Theatre possible and affordable for everyone. So many other theatres are closing and the ones staying open are raising their rates through the roof, making hiring these venues impossible for community theatre groups such as us.

We are immensely grateful that Miles and Barr have chosen to show their support to HBYT again throughout 2023. This support has enabled HBYT to keep rehearsal, production and performance costs down to the minimum possible that we can. Each session is only £12.50 per week, which is under £3.60 per hour! There are no further production, uniform or ticket costs involved.

Herne Bay YOUTH! Theatre offers opportunities for anyone aged six to sixteen. 

Whatever your experience and whatever your level of ability, we write our own musicals designed especially to fit to the individual membership of each club. 

This allows every member to take part in every aspect of each performance. We aim to help members learn, develop and excel in all aspects of musical theatre, from dialogue, dancing, vocal skills and physical theatre. 

By trying new aspects of theatre performance every week we strive to not only improve the performer but also improve their inner confidence, break down invisible boundaries, strengthen those who we believe will thrive in a strong team environment, while making every moment fun for everyone.

We believe Herne Bay YOUTH! Theatre are the only group offering this individually written programme for each group ensuring every member gets an equal opportunity in their productions.

So, if you are looking for a safe, fun and fully inclusive way of starting or developing your theatre experience - look no further!

The Sessions

We ask that all members attend rehearsals in soft shoes or trainers that they can move easily in and similar clothing such as a tracksuit, dance clothing or any loose fitting clothes. During winter months we advise members to attend with a hoodie or sweatshirt they can wear or remove during the different parts of the session.

We ask members to bring drinking water and a snack for break time but please be advised we operate a nut free environment, so no nuts or foods with nuts as ingredients. We do run a tuck shop from the kitchen at Arkley Studios that sells small treats if you want to use this for cheap small items.

The kitchen is in the entrance reception area. This has seating for around 8 people, so if you need to drop off or pick up early or late in the half hour between sessions there is room to sit and wait with a cup of tea or coffee from the kitchen. You can also leave members in this time slot with our regular membership team who are available every Sunday.

Arkley studios has its own car park for your use for dropping off or collection. Please do not block the area right outside the studio gates as Arkley Road is a residential area and we try to maintain good relations with our neighbours.

We have a regular first aider on hand throughout all sessions who will contact you if any medical situation arises during the session.

At the first session we need to ensure we have all the members details, so please come in to drop off. We already have this for previous members but it will need it to be checked and an updated signature provided.

If parents wish their older children to be permitted to leave by themselves after any session we also have a release form for you to sign at the first session. We cannot release members without this permission. 

We encourage all members to take on dialogue, singing and dancing and also expect senior members to encourage younger ones and create a strong team across all ages and abilities. This is musical theatre at its best with everyone involved, everyone taking parts and all pushing themselves and encouraging each other to be the best version of themselves they can be.

The clubs will not only inspire performers to be better in all they do but they will also assist with their public speaking, their confidence and self-esteem.

Don’t delay - Book up today! - 

Contact our Course Director at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a place at one of our Musical Theatre Sessions running throughout 2023. 

We look forward to hearing from you.


Andrew Cozens
Producer and Director
Herne Bay YOUTH! Theatre